Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council You may know by now that Lizetta Paturalski has decided to resign from the Town Council. I regret this and will miss her experience and wisdom as we navigate through these difficult times, but I must respect her desire to devote more time to her family. Of course, this means we have another vacancy to fill. Her resignation is effective December 31, so we will have until January 30 to fill this vacancy without going to a special election. As I have previously stated, I feel this is our responsibility and that a special election would be unnecessarily expensive. I urge any citizens who have a desire to serve to send a letter to Diana Campbell at the Town Hall. We will be deciding on the exact procedure and timeline tomorrow, Friday, December 15. Mrs. Paturalski had 2 years left on her term so any appointee would serve until the next election. Of the 4 candidates for the previous open seat, Bill Lusk, of course was appointed and Joe Dumas has asked to be considered. Greg Goodgame has decided not to re-apply and Courtney Hoss is considering whether or not to re-apply. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to give back to their community.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Ok, it's been 2 weeks since the election and I'm just now getting caught up. As you know, I did win and was elected Mayor by the council. If you are following the results of the election, you know that we are working on selecting a 5th council member. The process is on We have been questioned about why we selected this process. I proposed this process and it was accepted unanimously by the council. While some have thought we should have just selected the next person on the ballot, this was not obvious. She had obvious support, but didn't receive over 50%, so the argument could be made that more voted against her than for her. Of course, that was true of all of us. I felt that the charter called for us, the council to make that decision. Of course, we could have gone to a special election, but the charter states that that process comes into play only if we can't make a decision. I felt this would be an expensive proposition for the town (estimates I've heard from $15,000 to $20,000) and I felt the town wasn't anxious to go through that process again. I felt that the people who had run for the council should clearly be allowed to be considered, but also allowed the chance to re-assess their interest in light of the results of the election and any change in personal situations. As it turns out, Ms. Durant decided to remove herself from consideration for personal reasons, a decision I certainly respect. We have talked at length and had an excellent conversation. I am sure she will continue to be an active part of the community in whatever way she can. We will receive letters of interest until tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 27 and will hopefully make a decision at a meeting on Dec. 4 so that person can actively participate at the regular Dec. 11 meeting. Clearly this reflects my own reasons for the process I proposed, but I appreciate that it was accepted by the Council. Hopefully, after this selection is made, we can move forward for the betterment of our town.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council OK, early voting is over, so if you haven't voted yet, mark November 7th on your calendar in RED! This last weekend should be busy. Tonight (Friday) I am working the concession stand at the Notre Dame football game. Congratulations to ND girl's soccer for making it to the state semi-finals before finally losing in a heartbreaker. Tomorrow morning is another soccer game for MaryEliza! After that, I plan to walk some neighborhoods, probably in Old Towne. Be looking for me. Sunday, I'll be singing in church with our church band Zammarin. Sunday afternoon I plan to get back out for some neighborhood visits then from 5-9 we'll be calling voters to remind them to vote Tuesday. I'll be getting the list of early voters, so your reward for voting early should be no phone call Sunday night! Monday, it's back to my day job then Tuesday is the big day! I'll be out by the Town Hall all day. Latest weather prediction is 40% chance of rain, so keep your fingers crossed.

If anyone wants to help, contact me (886-6548) about coming Sunday night to make phone calls or Tuesday to wave to voters at the polls and hold signs. Remember to tell your neighbors about me and I still have a few yard signs left that are getting kinda lonely.

More substantially, I have had a few calls and emails on the issues from folks, including the Pro-Recall Party, even though they have apparently already made up their minds. I certainly appreciate those who allow me to speak for myself and ignore some of the distortions being published about me and the issues in general. I attended the Planning Commission meeting last night. They made a considered decision about the proposed Dogwood Acres subdivision across from Nolan School. This is a plan for 25 houses on approx. 15-16 acres. It demonstrates my principle that lot size is less important than numbers. This works out to a gross density of less than 2 houses per acre though most of the lot sizes are between 1/3 and 1/2 acre. There are sidewalks, buried utilities and a very nice open space park and lake in the middle for recreation and common use, including a playground. While there are apparently some minor technical issues and the plat can't be approved until the sewer access is confirmed, this is the kind of thinking that I hope will be standard in future development on Signal Mountain, not just on Shackleford Ridge. My only concern is that this is strictly an upscale development with homes over $600,000. While there is some room for that level of housing, I hope that future developments will include a larger range of housing prices allowing our middle class folks like police and fire professionals, teachers, nurses and small business owners to live here.

See you at the polls!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Just a reminder that early voting starts tomorrow, October 18. Here are the details:

The Election Commission office is located at 700 River Terminal Road. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:00
p.m., Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 423-493-5100. The TTY number is 423-493-5100,
ext. 254.
The last day to register to vote will be Saturday October, 7, 2006, 9:00 am to12:00 NOON
Northgate Mall located at 5000 Hixson Pike, corner of Hwy 153
Monday thru Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Oct. 18th thru Nov. 2nd
Brainerd Recreation Center located at 1010 North Moore Road
Monday thru Saturday 10:00 am ? 7:00 pm Oct. 18th thru Nov. 2nd
Hamilton County Election Commission located at 700 River Terminal Road
Monday thru Saturday 8:00 am ? 7:00 pm Oct. 18th thru Oct. 30th
Hamilton County Election Commission located at 700 River Terminal Road
Tuesday, October 31st thru Thursday, Nov. 2nd 8:00 a.m. - 8:00p.m.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Wanted to remind everyone that this Thursday, October 19 is the Candidate Forum at the MACC at 7pm. I hope lots of folks can turn out with great questions for we, the candidates. I certainly hope that all my supporters are there, but if you are still not sure and have a question for me, this is the time to ask. Hope to see y'all there!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Well, the first candidate forum went well. The questions were pointed, but polite. I appreciate the excellent turn-out which was standing room only, not counting all those who were apparently watching on closed circuit TV. I should let you know that I've heard that Annette Allen is fine. She was not feeling well that night, but bravely participated anyway. The question asked by Glenn Baird that didn't get answered had to do with budget priorities. Obviously, this is a difficult question for those of us not invovled in the details of the town's finances. I understand they are tight. I certainly am supporting expanding our sidewalk network and would like to see what is available in that area. We are pursuing grants as I understand. Many sidewalks in old town are in poor condition and these should take priority. Our recreation resources are very well used and we should be sure that maintenance is a high priority. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I do think that we need to prioritize protecting and maintaining our current properties and resources before adding more, but I do hope that we can pursue the possibility of obtaining the gym and track/field from SMMS when that school closes. Finally, our employees are a major resource and I want to make sure they are taken care of and have an incentive to stay with the town. Experience can't be bought. We especially need to focus on our Fire Department which I understand needs some attention. Efforts are already begun in the area, but this will need to be a priority for the new council.

I hope to attend several of the fun events scheduled the next few weekends including the 80th anniversary of SME this weekend (October 14) at the MACC (my son is an alumnus and was in the final class at SME) and the Fall Carnival that the newcomer's are holding at Bachman Center next weekend, October 21 where I will have a table. Come talk to me and let me know your concerns.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Well, I fell behind on my blog, but the good news is the campaign is keeping me quite busy. The big news is my Sierra Club endorsement! As you probably know, I am a Life Member of the Club and am committed to environmental protection. I am proud of this endorsement and will do all I can to honor it by my future activities if I am on the Council. See for details!

I have been getting yard signs out lately and if anyone wants one, please email or call and I'll get one out to you. I hope you've read my latest editorial on and I have been refining my positions as I have learned more. I really think that the best approach to Shackleford Ridge is the Open Space Option provided in the list of ordinances approved by the Council. I am hoping we can move forward in doing all we can to encourage the landowners to use this option in development. I would love to see Signal Mountain become a model for best land use practices. I have been presented with two questionnaires in the last few days. One has been responded to and returned and the other one will be done soon. The first one was sent to me by the SaveSignalMountain people. It had three yes/no questions, but I feel the issues are more complex than that, so I sent a bit more than a page of answers. I certainly hope that my full answers are respected and posted in any publicizing they do of candidate positions. The second questionnaire is for the TimesFreePress, so I expect you will see that one soon, too.

I am looking forward to the upcoming candidate forums. The first one will be October 10 at 7pm at Alexian Village and the second one will be October 19th at the MACC, also at 7pm. I would appreciate anyone who wants to suggest questions I might confront to send them to me so I can consider them. While I'm sure the major issues will be covered, I have learned there is much more to this town than Shackleford Ridge.

In addition, I plan to come to the HodgePodge this Friday. Saturday and Sunday I have a medical conference to attend. I am beginning to walk some neighborhoods and meet with folks. I have posted a banner at the Monster Barn (y'all come, it's great fun!) and will have a table at the Signal Mountain Newcomers and Bachman's 1st Fall Carnival at Bachman on Saturday, October 21 from 10-3. There will be games, activities and food! Also, the Girl Scouts will be working on their scarecrows. Hope everyone can make it out.

I'm still looking for volunteers for election day to help me greet voters coming to the Town Hall. If you ever wanted to stand out on the side of the road and wave a campaign sign, now's your chance! Give me a call!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council
16 September 2006: Well, yard signs are starting to go out. Better get'em soon! Plans are underway for two forums in October, dates still tentative. I'll post when they are confirmed. I'm spending this week again meeting with all the "movers and shakers", including: Phil Noblett (town attorney), Karen Rennich with the Regional Planning Agency, and the town building inspector. In addition, I'm planning to drop into meetings by Alexian Auxiliary and Newcomer's (where my wife, Snoda is a former President). This coming weekend is my daughter's birthday and we've got family coming in, so probably won't be campaigning much, but contact me if you need me!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council
13 September, 2006: Well, I said October 17 was tentative, but I got ahead of myself and I apologize. I don't know what date the candidate forum is going to be and it was presumptuous of me to publicize a tentative date. When the date is official, I will re-post it, but not until. I promise!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

12 September, 2006 - A clarification and addendum to the below blog: While 4 councilpersons are on the recall ballot, 2 of them are not running for re-election and will be off the council either way. Only 2 would be taken off the council.
Finally, I forgot to mention that there is a candidate forum tentatively set for Tuesday, October 17 at the MACC. This has not been officially approved, but keep your eyes and ears open. I am hoping (and believe the other candidates are, too) for at least 2 separate forums. In the past, Alexian Village has sponsored one and I hope this tradition continues. If not, I hope that the MACC will sponsor both.

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council
12 September, 2006 - Well, we had our campaign kick-off yesterday and it went great. We invited our friends and neighbors to an open house. We discussed issues, had snacks and drinks and caught up with some friends we hadn't seen in awhile. We distributed yard signs, signed up volunteers and collected some contributions. I must say I was gratified that my entire neighborhood has my signs out (except one family who was out of town)!
Speaking of yard signs, if you want one please contact me and I'll take care of it.
Monday night I went to the Town Council meeting which was well attended. I was again reminded that, as important as the zoning issues on Shackleford Ridge Rd. are, the new council will face many other issues including annexation of Fox Run and Windtree, maintianing our infrastructure, supporting our excellent town institutions such as the library and playhouse and continuing to improve our excellent police, fire and EMS departments who were honored on this 5th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.
I want to again state that I oppose this recall vote which will now apparently be on the ballot. The next council will have a majority of new members. While there may be disagreement with and opposition to the zoning changes voted by the current council, I don't believe any of them are corrupt or self-serving. Only two of the next council are available for recall. As we confront the many issues before the council, I think it would be difficult for the town to move forward with 5 all new members and to lose the knowledge and continuity of the 2 continuing members. I urge everyone to oppose the current recall and to work with the new council to find ways to support the town's vision of well-controlled, well-managed environmentally sustainable growth.

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council
12 September, 2006
Well, our campaign kick-off went great. Sunday, Sept. 10, we had an open house for friends and neighbors. I saw people I hadn't seen in quite a while. We handed out yard signs and collected contributions and generally had a fun afternoon.
Speaking of yard signs, they are available. If anyone wants one in their yard, contact me and I'll arrange it.
Monday night I went to the Town Council meeting. It emphasized again that, as important as the development issues on Shackleford Ridge Road are, there will be many other issues confronting the next Council, including annexation of Fox Run and Windtree, continuing to improve our town infrastructure, providing for some of our great town institutions such as the library and the playhouse and continuing to improve our police, fire and EMS departments.
As many of you know, I oppose the recall efforts. Regardless of your feelings on the re-zoning vote, I don't feel that any current council members were acting in a corrupt or self-serving manner. There will be a new majority on the council, but I don't think it would serve the town well to have 5 new members and to lose the continuity and knowledge of the continuing 2 councilpersons. I urge everyone to oppose the recall and work with the new council to do what is necessary to support our Town's vision of well-controlled, well-managed growth.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council
Well, there's some big news on the campaign trail... FSU beat MIAMI! And by a field goal no less! Sorry, but just had to get that out. I heard that other team up the road a piece had a good weekend, too. Go VOLS, my 2nd favorite team. As for me, I had a great visit to the Lion's Club BBQ. I talked with several folks about the issues in the campaign and met some of my fellow candidates, Hershel Dick and Jim Bardoner. Oh, and I had some great BBQ, too. Thanks to the Lion's Club for putting this great event on (again). This is exactly the kind of thing that makes Signal Mountain such a great town. This is the kind of atmosphere that I hope we never lose, neighbors meeting each other at the playground over a plate of BBQ and talking about kids, schools and other important topics. By the way, in case you missed it, the TimesFreePress had an article on Page 1 of the B section on Tuesday, Sept. 5 about the BBQ and they interviewed none other than my wife, Snoda.

Back to the campaign, it's been brought to my attention that two other candidates plan to drop out. I'll leave it to the individuals to decide whether to make that announcement. It was good to see two of my fellow candidates at the BBQ. I look forward to meeting the rest (and some I already know from church, etc). Obviously, 3 of us will be working together come November. I have tried to make it clear that I am not running against anyone. I am running for a seat on the Council. I hope that this race will continue to be civil and positive, as it has been so far. I plan to stay positive and work hard to present my own views and background for the voters to decide.

I have been invited to meet with a group of citizens in the next week and am trying to work out the best time in my schedule. I look forward to meeting with as many groups of citizens as I can.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Well, the campaign is moving along. I am learning a lot about the mechanics of this endeavor. We have ordered yard signs, along with some other assorted campaign paraphernalia. They should start showing up around town in about 10 days or so.
I have spent much of the last 2-3 weeks working to learn the issues and meeting with people. I attended the Old Towne Partnership BBQ a few weeks ago and spoke with folks about the development controversies. I have met with Police Chief Boyd and Town Manager Diana Campbell about general town management issues. I have met (on the phone, at least) with Dan Saieed of the Planning Commission and with the Chairman of the WWTA. Today, I met with Paul and Anne Nolan, a thoroughly delightful meeting. In the near future, I plan to meet with current council members, staff members and other involved citizens. I also plan to attend as many community meetings and events that I can. I will be spending much of Labor Day at the Lion's Club BBQ (now that's a sacrifice...).
I feel I am learning much about the town and the issues confronting it and will be well-prepared should you honor me with election to the commission. As always, I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

I believe that Signal Mountain is at an important crossroads in its history and needs careful and thoughtful leadership. I pledge to listen to my constituents, the citizens of Signal Mountain, to always be respectful of my neighbors and to work hard to understand the facts before making any decisions affecting the future of our town.

I support the vision statement of the Town of Signal Mountain:

The mission of the Town of Signal Mountain
is to be a community that preserves its small
town atmosphere by managing growth and
requiring development to be orderly and
consistent ; provides services that are
necessary for the well-being and general
welfare of its citizens; and endeavors to be
a desirable and safe place in which families
may live and grow.

I think that, as we move forward we should use this as our guide. This is an opportunity to be a leader in this area in sustainable and environmentally sensitive growth.

I encourage all of you to take a few moments of your time to let me know what issues you feel represent the key challenges our community faces.