Sunday, July 29, 2012

Signal Mountain Town Council race noncompetitive so far

Signal Mountain's Town Council elections occur every two years. There are three spots on the 5 member council on the ballot. This year, incumbents Annette Allen and Bill Lusk are running for re-election. Councilmember Bill Wallace has apparently decided not to run again. Local activist Joe Dumas has qualified for the third spot on the ballot. Unless there has been a very recent addition, we currently therefore have three candidates for three spots. The same thing happened four years ago, the last time Allen and Lusk (along with Susan Robertson) were up for election. Frankly, I find this to be a sad comment. If anyone out there is interested in running, the deadline for submitting qualifying petititions is Thursday, August 16. If you're interested, go the the Hamilton County Election Commission website: for more information.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Music Man

OK, it's time to start making plans to attend the Signal Mountain Playhouse production of The Music Man starting tomorrow, July 6 and continuing every Friday and Saturday in July at 8pm each evening. Productions are at the Signal Mountain Playhouse, located behind the town hall off Taft Highway.

This SMPH production features:
Greg Glover as con man Harold Hill
Kendra Gross as librarian/piano teacher Marian Paroo
Don Strickland as Mayor Shinn
Patti Gross as Mrs. Paroo
Janet McInturff as Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn
Brandon McCrary as Marcellus Washburn
Noah Huseman as Winthrop Paroo
Mary Eliza Hendricks as Amaryllis
Dick Gee as Charlie Crowell, anvil salesman
Frank Harrison, Michael Smith, Glenn Showalter, Paul Hendricks and Bob Roza as the River City Schoolboard/Barbershop Quarter (+1)
Becky Gardner as Zaneeta Shinn
Harrison Holmes as "bad boy" Tommy Djilas

and a host of others playing the citizens of River City trying to get itself out of the "Trouble" it finds itself in when Harold Hill blows into town and alerts them to the sinful temptations of its new pool table and how he can fix the problem "with a wave of my hand" by forming a boy's band (for a reasonable fee with a small deposit in advance and the balance due on delivery).

Tickets on sale at the Playhouse every Friday and Saturday at 6pm. Bring your folding chairs and have a great time listening to such great songs as "76 Trombones", "Trouble" and "Till There Was You".