Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council Ok, it's been 2 weeks since the election and I'm just now getting caught up. As you know, I did win and was elected Mayor by the council. If you are following the results of the election, you know that we are working on selecting a 5th council member. The process is on www.signalmtntown.org. We have been questioned about why we selected this process. I proposed this process and it was accepted unanimously by the council. While some have thought we should have just selected the next person on the ballot, this was not obvious. She had obvious support, but didn't receive over 50%, so the argument could be made that more voted against her than for her. Of course, that was true of all of us. I felt that the charter called for us, the council to make that decision. Of course, we could have gone to a special election, but the charter states that that process comes into play only if we can't make a decision. I felt this would be an expensive proposition for the town (estimates I've heard from $15,000 to $20,000) and I felt the town wasn't anxious to go through that process again. I felt that the people who had run for the council should clearly be allowed to be considered, but also allowed the chance to re-assess their interest in light of the results of the election and any change in personal situations. As it turns out, Ms. Durant decided to remove herself from consideration for personal reasons, a decision I certainly respect. We have talked at length and had an excellent conversation. I am sure she will continue to be an active part of the community in whatever way she can. We will receive letters of interest until tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 27 and will hopefully make a decision at a meeting on Dec. 4 so that person can actively participate at the regular Dec. 11 meeting. Clearly this reflects my own reasons for the process I proposed, but I appreciate that it was accepted by the Council. Hopefully, after this selection is made, we can move forward for the betterment of our town.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council

Paul Hendricks for Signal Mtn. Town Council OK, early voting is over, so if you haven't voted yet, mark November 7th on your calendar in RED! This last weekend should be busy. Tonight (Friday) I am working the concession stand at the Notre Dame football game. Congratulations to ND girl's soccer for making it to the state semi-finals before finally losing in a heartbreaker. Tomorrow morning is another soccer game for MaryEliza! After that, I plan to walk some neighborhoods, probably in Old Towne. Be looking for me. Sunday, I'll be singing in church with our church band Zammarin. Sunday afternoon I plan to get back out for some neighborhood visits then from 5-9 we'll be calling voters to remind them to vote Tuesday. I'll be getting the list of early voters, so your reward for voting early should be no phone call Sunday night! Monday, it's back to my day job then Tuesday is the big day! I'll be out by the Town Hall all day. Latest weather prediction is 40% chance of rain, so keep your fingers crossed.

If anyone wants to help, contact me (886-6548) about coming Sunday night to make phone calls or Tuesday to wave to voters at the polls and hold signs. Remember to tell your neighbors about me and I still have a few yard signs left that are getting kinda lonely.

More substantially, I have had a few calls and emails on the issues from folks, including the Pro-Recall Party, even though they have apparently already made up their minds. I certainly appreciate those who allow me to speak for myself and ignore some of the distortions being published about me and the issues in general. I attended the Planning Commission meeting last night. They made a considered decision about the proposed Dogwood Acres subdivision across from Nolan School. This is a plan for 25 houses on approx. 15-16 acres. It demonstrates my principle that lot size is less important than numbers. This works out to a gross density of less than 2 houses per acre though most of the lot sizes are between 1/3 and 1/2 acre. There are sidewalks, buried utilities and a very nice open space park and lake in the middle for recreation and common use, including a playground. While there are apparently some minor technical issues and the plat can't be approved until the sewer access is confirmed, this is the kind of thinking that I hope will be standard in future development on Signal Mountain, not just on Shackleford Ridge. My only concern is that this is strictly an upscale development with homes over $600,000. While there is some room for that level of housing, I hope that future developments will include a larger range of housing prices allowing our middle class folks like police and fire professionals, teachers, nurses and small business owners to live here.

See you at the polls!