Thursday, June 13, 2013

Signal Mountain Railroad!

I recently had the pleasure of riding Signal Mountain's own "FuFu Train". Bob Spalding is well-known for sponsoring the "Monster Barn" in years past on his property in Signal Mountain. His latest project is this train. He hopes to have it open to the public for seasonal events including a new Halloween "Tunnel of Terror" and a future Christmas adventure!

Unfortunately, Bob has run into some of the usual small town regulatory hassles that Signal Mountain suffers way too much from (surprise!). Apparently, one local volunteer regulator told him "I don't want another Lake Winnepesaukee on Signal Mountain". Bob is lobbying for some flexibility in the local regulatory environment to allow him to continue to entertain local children (of all ages) on his rural, 7 acre property. I urge my readers to let your town councilmembers know that you support Bob's efforts. I certainly wish him all the best and he says, if you ask nice, he'll give you a ride (it's fun and his dog loves to ride along).